Project Highlight: Anthelion Helicopters Website

The team at AWD just launched a new website for a helicopter company based out of Long Beach, CA: Anthelion Helicopters.

Anthelion-Logo-website2Prior to this project, the company had a working website but lacked the organization and design. It was very hard to navigate, information was hard to find, and had a very cluttered design. We knew going into this redesign, Anthelion Helicopters website needed to be clean, professional and straightforward. With an abundance of tours and flight training classes offered, the overall layout was crucial.

In addition to the layout, each page required a clear hierarchy in presenting the information at hand. Adam Wright Design carried out these needs with a custom page layout and design. We utilized their excellent photographs and a new color palette to represent Anthelion Helicopters in the best way.

Some key elements that our client requested was to make their contact information easily accessible, in addition to including a language translator for people all around the world. The most important note was to make the website mobile friendly. As we all know, this is imperative in today’s society. The new website is responsive making it capable of being viewed (and looking good) on all devices, even your iPad.

Adam Wright Design - Anthelion Helicopters

To view the new Anthelion Helicopters website, click here.

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