Service Spotlight: Digital Marketing

In such a highly competitive digital world we live in today, maintaining a positive (and consistent) presence online is crucial. Without a digital marketing effort, your brand will suffer — and your competitors will thrive.

Knowing the importance and necessity of digital marketing, we would like to highlight our services we offer in this field. Below are the top 3 digital marketing services that are not only the most important, but we specialize in as well.

1. Social media marketing

With our social media marketing services, we immerse ourselves in your brand to create monthly campaigns that cater to your audience. With social media, you must have a plan and a purpose — posting whenever, and whatever doesn’t cut it. A constant mix of content, paired with your branding, and posting at the right time are all imperative to a successful social media campaign.

The most successful social media accounts have a consistent look and feel to their content, engage with their followers, and post on a regular basis.

When it comes to social media, if you aren’t posting and staying relevant — your competitors are. So don’t fall back because now is the time to invest in your business and your brand online.

2. Email marketing

Another sector of our digital marketing services would be email marketing. Emails are a much different type of campaign that contains its own challenges. Some of the most important factors we emphasize in our e-mail marketing service are:

  • Curated content
  • Brand execution through design
  • Timing and segmentation
  • Layout and graphics

Knowing exactly when to send your email, and to who, is imperative to it being seen. If you send your email at the wrong time, then it’s a complete waste. We do extensive research into your target audience to determine the best sending times, as well as customizing the design to not only the brand, but the campaign as well.

Gaining business through email marketing is alive and well — get your business in front of your audience today.

3. Blog management

A sometimes misunderstood tactic, maintaining a consistent blog on your website can be greatly beneficial to your business. Through a blog, you can display your expertise in your industry, and gain easy credibility to your name. Additionally, posting on a regular basis is a huge positive when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) — and making Google happy is never a bad thing.

With our blog management service, we create a plan for what we write about, how often to post, and where to share it to as well. You’d be surprised — a well written blog post, on a popular topic, can become viral very easily these days.

Don’t scoff at the idea of creating a blog, because it’s one of those secret tools that not everyone utilizes to their advantage. Inquire with us to learn more about how we can help with your blog.