Service Spotlight: Website Design

At Adam Wright Design, one of our pillar services we offer is website design. We are capable of handling your new website project from concept until launch, and further provide maintenance services so your website continues to function properly.

As designers first, we pride ourselves in creating websites that not only work well, but look great at the same time. Our combination of designers and developers make us capable of creating unique solutions for your website.

Adam Wright Design - City Plants websiteOur process for a new website design

Although it can be a large undertaking for many, we are here to help you at every step along the way. To give you an idea of how the process works, here’s the 4 stages of how we handle our website builds:

1. Discovery & Planning: This includes the jumping off point, where we sign the contract, get the upfront deposit from you, and do some initial research. From there, we plan out the tentative site structure and action plan.

2. Creative & Build: The second portion includes designing the website mockups, which establish the look and feel for your website. Additionally, we begin setting up the foundation of the website.

3. Content: Pretty self explanatory, but at this point we collect all copy and images from you and begin formatting the remaining pages as well as implement any advanced forms or sliders needed.

4. Review & Testing: Once we get the site built out, we then send it your way for review. We make any necessary revisions, test all forms/links, and put the final touches on it. We get ready for launch and go live!

What you can expect with your new website

When you come to AWD with your new website project, you can be assured you’ll be receiving an end product that won’t disappoint. Here’s a few features we guarantee with all our websites:

1. Custom design & layout: We design every element of your website to cater to the message.

2. Advanced design elements: Whether you need an involved quote request, or dynamic slider to display your latest news, we’ve got it handled.

3. Maintenance & updates: Beyond site launch, we work on maintaining your website so it runs smoothly.

4. No cookie cutter layouts: You won’t find any of our websites looking the same, because we believe customization is key.

5. Mobile & tablet friendly: In today’s tech world, you’ve gotta be responsive for all devices or you lose instant credibility.

6. Improved user experience: In the initial stages, we work on building a navigation and layout that creates a seamless experience for your visitors.

It’s imperative that your website is catered to your audience, so we work with you to ensure you reach your goals. Whether you are looking for more sales, or want increased subscriptions, we cater the design and layout to accomplish these tasks with ease.

Sound like it’s too good to be true? Just hear from one of our most loyal clients at the LA Conservation Corps:

“Adam Wright Design has been a great creative partner. They really listened to our needs and came back with solutions that exceeded our expectations. They have single-handedly changed the look and feel for our organization, which now carries through everything we do. We have a consistent look and feel that has helped to establish our brand, and we couldn’t be happier.”

How can we help you?

Even if you already have a website that you don’t want to completely abandon, or simply can’t afford a new one, we will gladly evaluate your current website and work on revamping it. This allows you to save money, but still present a fresh look and feel to your website.

Contact us for a free phone consultation to discuss your website needs and receive a project proposal that same day!

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