Firefly LED

Created to revolutionize the LED screen experience, Firefly LED was formed as a brand new startup with years of previous experience under their belt. As a business to business seller of LED displays, AWD helped Firefly LED create their brand from the ground up.

Starting with a brand new logo design, we developed a look and feel that coincides with the tech industry, while pulling in their own unique character and brand in the firefly icon.

With their website presence, we completely built a fully e-commerce solution, including a custom LED screen builder that allows users to build their own screen and get instant pricing — right on their website.

Gallatin, TN

LED Displays

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We Helped By…

Streamlining the buying process with a custom, intuitive LED Screen Builder form

Building product overview pages and brochures to sell their LED panels

Establishing their entire brand and online presence

Offering ongoing care and maintenance, blog creation, paid ad management, and SEO optimization

Adam Wright Design | Firefly LED Website Design