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We're working on building better web experiences, one site at a time.

Our Work

Where Creativity Meets Code

Our commitment to pixel perfect designs has translated across dozens of client projects we’ve created — catering each website to it’s own unique goals and needs.

Why AWD?

What Sets Us Apart

AWD believes that it’s not just your work that makes the true difference — it’s the finer details in how you do it, and why.

We’re Design Experts

With over a decade of design experience, AWD brings a deep understanding of design principles to every project. We build websites that are not only beautiful but also highly functional.

We Also Build Your Site, Too

It’s not often you’ll find a really great designer that’s also a developer. But here at AWD — that’s exactly what we are, which allows for an easier and more seamless transition from design to build.

Communicative & Responsive

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and quick responsiveness, always available to address your needs, challenges, and provide the best possible solutions.adsfas

Fundamental Foundation

We lay a solid foundation to make your website SEO-friendly, ensuring it is well-structured by following the best practices and fundamentals for search engine visibility from the get-go.

Accessibility is Top of Mind

Say goodbye to fancy animations and sliders. We strive for best practices in website accessibility to help all users easily navigate and interact with your site to remain inclusive for all.

Partner for Policies

As an Agency Partner with Termageddon, we help ensure your website stays compliant with the latest privacy policies — helping protect your business and build trust with your visitors.

“Excellent service by AWD! Would highly recommend!!!”

“Excellent service by AWD! We just had our nonprofit website redesigned by Adam Wright Design and we couldn’t be happier. We were so happy in fact that we signed up for a maintenance package for future revisions and security. Would highly recommend!!!”

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Start Making Your Website Work for You

Let’s work together to take your online presence to places it’s never been.


What You Get

We’re all about delivering the best results to lead you towards a path of success. Dependent on your specific needs, here’s what you can expect to receive from your new website at a minimum:

A fully responsive, custom designed website specific to your brand

Static homepage mockup design to visualize your site before we build

2 Rounds of revisions on your website

A global design foundation, set up for your website to grow with you

Organized content and navigation structure based on your business goals, needs and requirements

Optimized for speedy performance to pass Google’s Core Web Vitals

A Contact form

Custom 404 and Thank You pages

How We Do It

Our Website Design Process

Take a look at the detailed 6-step process we follow with your website project.

This phase sets the foundation for a strategic plan that aligns with your vision and objectives.

Upon a complete understanding of the project, we create the Agreement and collect your deposit invoice. We begin by understanding your goals, target audience, and project scope by providing you a Website Planner in your own Project Dashboard.

Next, we do a deep dive into researching your industry and competitors to see who they are, what they are doing different, and what makes your business stand out. This helps us obtain an action plan to ensure you don’t get lost in the mix, and truly remain unique in how you’re represented.

With that, we then create your new website site map, which dictates your website navigation and structure for developing your content.

This step utilizes your site map to then gather all written content needed to put your website together.

We gather all necessary content, including text, images, logo and branding information, to ensure your website effectively communicates your message and brand identity.

This content is gathered in your Project Dashboard, with an organized document to compile it, upload it, and implement.

This phase establishes the overall look and feel of your website, putting together the mockup design we’ll use.

In the creative exploration, we take into consideration all of the research and discovery from step 1, along with your branding and audience, to establish the design and layout for your website.

This step includes creating a mockup design of your homepage in Figma, which helps us establish the typography, color palette, and design components.

After creative exploration, we then jump into setting up your development URL where we’ll build your new website.

We bring the static mockup design from step 3 to life, by first implementing the color palette, branding elements, and global styles. With that in place, we carryout the development of the global header and footer, to start building out the pages in your site map and content document.

This phase is the bulk of the development — creating all pages, templates and posts necessary.

We then get to work, grinding away at every important page and detail, utilizing your content to curate a beautiful, functional site that we’ve been putting the pieces together for.

Your website is ready! Let’s review it, make any final tweaks and get prepared to launch.

Once we have completed the full development of your site, we’ll go through the 2 rounds of revisions based on your feedback, rigorously test its functionality, and ensure everything is perfect before launching it to the public.