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5 Epic Font Pairings You Can’t Go Wrong With

Obtain the best font pairings you can use for any project, vetted and chosen by an expert graphic designer.

Design with efficiency

Choosing fonts can be extremely time consuming — but with these 5 expertly picked duos, you’ll have a font pairing ready to go for any project, so you can stick to designing and less time searching. We even include which industry each font pairing works great for.

Create cohesion

Using random fonts is a surefire way to make your designs appear amateur and unprofessional. These font pairings will help elevate your design projects so you can create cohesion and consistency.

Improve your skills

With my guide, you’ll obtain a valuable resource from an expert graphic designer that’s dealt and designed with thousands of fonts and typefaces. I’ve vetted my favorites, plus some tried-and-true font pairings that you really can’t go wrong with.

Links to download

Each font pairing comes with a direct link to where you can download the font — most are free Google Fonts, with a select few in Adobe Fonts collection (part of the Creative Cloud subscription).