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Creating impactful design to help elevate your brand's visibility.

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Pushing the Boundaries with Design

Done properly, graphic design can instantly gain credibility for your business. It’s effective at communicating a message. It defines who you are, what you do, and what you’re about. Demonstrating cohesiveness in everything you do will make it easy for your customers to remember.

Passion for Creativity

Design that Works

Our knack for attention to detail and background in design gives our projects their own dimension. With properly executed graphic design, you can visually transform the way your company is seen.

Brand Cohesion

Creating cohesion with everything you do (and I mean everything) is imperative to gaining recognition and credibility. Confusing your customers is the quickest way to lose your audience.


Content is everything. Your voice represents who you are as a brand, and reaches the proper audience. Visual communication through colors, typography, and imagery is key.

Totally Custom

We don’t make cookie-cutter designs, nor do we use any type of templates. Every project is customized with the end goals in mind, utilizing your brand aesthetics and guidelines.

“He’s fast, professional and attentive.”

“Adam is so good at what he does–a real treasured resource for our organization. He knows our brand well and consistently provides strong, creative, appealing designs for our varied audiences. He’s fast, professional and attentive. We love working with him and would highly recommend him to others!”

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Take Your Brand to New Heights

Let’s work together to take your brand identity to places it’s never been.


What We Do

Design encompasses various applications and media, making its possibilities limitless. With our extensive experience, we can tackle just about any project you envision. Here’s a glimpse at what we’re capable of:

Logo & Brand Design


Business Cards



Booklets & Guides

Digital signage

Table Tents

Vehicle Wraps


Trade Show Displays


How We Do It

Our Logo Design Process

Take a look at our detailed 8-step process we follow with your new logo design.

This phase sets the foundation for a strategic plan, understanding your industry and landscape.

The very first step we take is diving into your business’ industry. We identify who your competitors are locally, and nationally, to figure out and compare what some of the industry leaders are doing.

Every industry is very different — who their customers are, what services they provide, their brand voice and presentation, and so many more.

With this first vital step, I help dial in on these key factors to really understand the landscape and what kind of design will speak to it.

This step is the discovery phase where we begin to sketch out elements of your logo.

Following the deep research, we get into the ideation phase. We pull out a sketch book, and just begin doodling. These are not usually full logo ideas, but rather parts and pieces that we end up utilizing or inspire the logo design with.

Depending on the project scope, we’ll leave the ideation phase with at least 3 solid concepts to explore.

This establishes the first concepts of your logo design, bringing the sketches to life.

Once the sketched ideas are on paper, we then jump into Adobe Illustrator to begin bringing those to life. Every logo we create is vector based — meaning, the logo we create in Illustrator will be scalable from a business card size, to a larger-than-life billboard on the side of the freeway without compromising on quality or resolution.

We work on fleshing out the ideas — some work out, some don’t. And along the way, new ideas are formed.

Initially concepts are designed in black and white, as this helps eliminate any feelings about the design, and allows us to focus on the composition.

This phase takes those concepts to the next step, applying color and typography for a realized look.

The next, and very important step, in our logo design process is exploration in the color palette and typography. By now, we should have a couple logo design concepts pretty dialed in, but lack in the specific typography and color choices.

Leaning on the initial research from step 1, we build out a few color palettes to play with that work with the business, the industry, and brand.

We pair that palette with a set of 1-2 font choices, depending on the design, and start applying them to the concepts.

This phase is simply just presentation — showing you, our client, the concepts we’ve put together.

Now that the concepts are ready, we create a presentation file for the logo concepts, that shows the full logo, the color palette, and typography of choice.

This PDF usually consists of 2-3 concepts, and we walk through each with you to describe the process and approach.

Upon conclusion of the presentation, we dial in on a single concept and start revising.

Moving forward, the client chooses the single concept they favor the most. We might do a few color variations, or an alternate font choice, but overall you’re happy with the design and just want to tweak a few things to entertain any thoughts/ideas.

In this second to last stage, we finalize the logo based on the revisions to make it pixel perfect.

Once that logo design is ready and approved, we then go through the Illustrator art in detail to clean it up.

In this stage, I’ll remove any extra clipping masks, create proper paths, outline the fonts, and any other last clean ups.

Your logo is ready! This phase is putting it all together to send it over.

After the final payment is received from the client, we then create and export the logo package. It will consist of every file type you would need for print and web, plus variations in full color, all black, and all white.