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Name that logo!

A logo is used as a visual representation for a company, product, or brand. We are constantly having logos thrown at us from all directions. A simple trip to the grocery store exposes us to an array of colors and designs, with a jumble of logos right at your nose the moment you walk in (don’t even get me started on how many). Everything from cereal to laundry detergent, there is no escaping those familiar faces.

With the over exposure, we have become so desensitized that standing out is key. Great logos can speak volumes without having to explain each detail. Overtime, many logos become instilled in our mind so much, that we can see a mere fraction and know what logo it is.


For fun, can you identify these brands by just one letter?
AWD - Logos
  • Amanda
    Posted at 04:14h, 03 August Reply

    Where’s the answer key? 😉 Help!

    C: Campbell
    E: Eggo
    F: Frito’s
    G: Gatorade
    K: Kool-Aid
    L: Lysol
    M: M&M;s
    N: Nilla Wafers
    O: Oreo
    P: Pez
    Q: Quaker Oats
    R; Reese’s
    S: Starburst
    T: Wheaties?
    Y: York Mint Pattie
    Z: Zest

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