Grammar Matters!

Whether you are writing for social media, text messages, or work emails, grammar still matters! With spell check, predictive text, and the internet, it is easy to get lazy or even forget some basics.

A pet peeve over at AWD is the misuse of common words. Below are a few that can push our buttons, and can completely change what you’re really trying to say.



  • They’re – If you can replace it with “they are” and it makes sense, then it is being used correctly.
Example: They’re creating a new website. 
  • Their – Is a possessive word that shows belonging.
Example: Getting a glimpse into their creative process. 
  • There – For when the other two don’t fit. (It’s complicated) 
Example: There are many ways to use graphic design. 



  • To – Is a preposition that defines the relationship of the nouns
Example: We love to create. 
  • Two – The numerical form.
Example: No two designers are the same. 
  • Too – Is an adverb meaning excessively, also, additionally, and more.
Example: There is no such thing as too much creativity.