How To Maintain Brand Consistency Across Everything You Do

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by Adam Wright

If you’re like me, I often jump to Google searching for a local service, like a pet groomer, or car detailing business, or whatever it may be. And I check out their website, then check out their Facebook and Instagram and wonder, why are the logos and colors used not the same?

It leaves you thinking, is this the same business? Why do they look different on each platform?

It’s like you’re getting a different feel for who they are on each platform/website, and instantly their credibility tanks.

The legitimacy of their business is not clear to me.

If you’re that business — you must change that, immediately. Here’s how.

Get a logo design

First and foremost, if you don’t have a professional logo design (Canva isn’t professional, FYI) — you need to get one. As a business, your logo design is your identity. It’s who you are, what you represent, and the face of your business.

Your logo is what your customers and clients will see and recognize, so in order to gain that recognition, your logo must be the same everywhere your business exists — business cards, Facebook, Instagram, your website, stickers, the list goes on.

Once you get a professional logo designed for your business, this will create your branding style guide. You’ll have a proper color palette, specific fonts, and branding guidelines to abide by.

Now, when you go to create that next post, or update your letterhead, you know exactly what colors to use and what font.

What is a style guide?

A branding style guide is simply a set of rules and guidelines for your business. It tells you exactly what colors are in your branding/logo, by dictating the hex codes, RGB, CMYK, plus a Pantone swatch name.

Additionally, it will tell you exactly what font to use for your brand, when to use it, how to use it, and where.

For example, AWD’s brand font is Overpass. Our brand colors are #F15A26, #3FA9F5 and #808080.

So, how do you get a style guide? Well, if you already have a logo design, just reach out to us and we’ll put together one for you!

If you don’t have a logo yet, just fill out our logo design inquiry form, and AWD can get your business looking professional and up-to-date. We’ll advise on how to use your logo, provide the proper logo files for social, website and print, plus give you your own branding style guide.

Always follow your brand

Once you have your logo design and style guide, always stick to your brand. Don’t stray away from your colors, your fonts, and your identity — stick to who you are, and you’ll be able to build up that brand recognition in no time.

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Adam Wright

Adam is a California native, now living in Middle Tennessee. A long-time creative at heart, his passion for design and growing his small business, AWD, is always evident. When he's not writing code or sketching logos, he enjoys spending time with family, playing basketball, or watching just about any motorsports. Find him on LinkedIn.

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