Vintage Barns

As a custom home builder, Reid & Co. found that many of their clients were looking for a custom built barn that matched their homes — insert Vintage Barns. With an established clientele, we helped Vintage Barns create a complete brand identity and online presence with a custom logo and website design.

Vintage Barns prides themselves on their materials used (timber frame wood), so we utilized this unique feature by incorporating it into their logo with the wood truss. The old-style way of construction, with wood joinery, is their go-to technique for creating lasting timber frame structures.

Lebanon, TN

Custom Barns

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We Helped By…

Establishing their online presence to present their barn plan packages

Creating an entire brand identity

Developing custom inquiry forms to collect as much information and save time as possible

Positioning Vintage Barns as one of the elite builders in Middle Tennessee

Adam Wright Design | Vintage Barns Website Design

“Adam Wright Design is AWesome! We were so pleased with the process and the final product! We will refer and look forward to working with AW Design for years to come!!”

Reid Hinesley, Owner of Vintage Barns