Service Spotlight: Graphic Design

Here at Adam Wright Design, one of our pillar services we offer is Graphic Design.

At first thought, graphic design can be an extremely vague term — yet, some may think of it as a very specific service (such as logo design).

Whichever way you might think of graphic design, we’re here to help clarify what it is and what we offer.

What is graphic design?

Well, graphic design can relate to creating a visual to communicate a message. This is usually done through illustrations, text and photographs, however graphic design can be pretty fluid.

As a result of knowing what graphic design is, you can easily apply it to just about anything: billboards, a postcard you get in the mail, a brochure, a label on a bottle of wine, etc. etc.

What we can do for you with our graphic design expertise

The basis of AWD stems from a background in the design field, so everything we create has a thought-out purpose and meaning. We aim to communicate to your audience with many different choices, including colors, fonts, images, layout, and more.

With our knowledge in graphic design, we can apply our creativity to just about anything. Sure, there might be challenges along the way, but no good design ever came easy.

Here’s a few things we can do for you:
• Business cards
• Stationery
• Banners
• Flyers
• Brochures
• Booklets
• Posters
• Postcards
• Vehicle wraps
• Invitations
• Annual Reports
• RFPs
• Signage
• Menus
…and so much more

With that said, we are capable of handling all of your ongoing graphic design needs. We become your creative partner for your business, and hone in on your brand’s success.

Why choose AWD for your graphic design needs?

As stated on our service page, when you come to us you get no shortage of hard work and dedication:

Design With You in Mind: Every project has it’s own needs, and we create designs that excel.

Boost Your Brand: A cohesive look and feel makes brand recognition instant.

Enhance Your Collateral: Give your everyday documents the opportunity to go from boring to beautiful.

Communicate Your Message: We use our creativity and experience to impress your audience.

Details, Details, Details: Every single detail matters, and with our graphic design there are no exceptions.

Comic Sans who?: Forget those ugly fonts. We aim to position your brand to be current and relevant.

So, let’s get going!

Reach out to us to setup a meeting and learn how we can make your business stand out with our graphic design.