Tips for Curating a Great About Page on Your Site

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by Adam Wright

Are you currently working on writing up the content for your company’s About page? The About page can easily be one of the most missed opportunities to connect with a customer.

As the business owner, you might assume that it’s all about YOU, right? Your bio, your hobbies, etc.


You should be using the About page to help build trust, and further connections with your potential customers.

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Let’s talk more about how you can utilize an About page to be an added asset to your business, and not just some fluffy jargon.

Stop talking about yourself

Like I was hinting at, the About page should not be a personal bio talking all about yourself.

Can it include your quick bio? Sure, but you should look for additional ways you can take advantage of this page to reach your customer.

More than likely, if they’re visiting your About page, they are interested in your business, so don’t lose their interest by just talking about yourself.

Refrain from over-talking about yourself. Make a connection on how you help businesses in their shoes — how can your expertise and values you talk about help them for what they’re on your site looking for?

They have a problem, and you have the solution, so help create that bridge for them to believe you’re the best fit.

Talk about benefits

You may have heard the saying, “Sell benefits, not features,” or something similar.

What this means is you need to talk about the benefits of your products and/or services, not just the features.

Not too many people are going to care that the iPhone is made of aluminum — but if you tell them it’s waterproof, that’s something they’ll get excited about and can directly see why it would benefit them.

On the same note, a new, great looking website sounds nice — but what people want to hear is that it’ll perform lightning fast which can help you rank better on Google.

Focus on the benefits as a result of purchasing your services or products.

Be personable

More often than not, potential customers want to know that there are real people behind the logo.

Using your About page to give some team photos/bios can add to this aspect, and give your business a real boost in character.

It’s amazing how quickly you can feel like you “know” a company by a really great curated About page.

Don’t get carried away now and write out a life story — but share enough to be relatable and have the potential to create another connection or touch point with your customer.

Mention your process

A potential customer loves to know what they’re about to jump into when they work with you. What can they expect? Will it be a grueling process, or will it be pleasant and enjoyable?

This is extremely important, as there are SO many businesses with poor customer service and no process in place.

If you do in fact have processes in place, use your About page to talk about it.

Who will they be communicating with? Who is doing the work? What makes you any different to work with?

This can be a huge differentiator in setting your company apart from the rest, so don’t miss the opportunity.

Update your About page!

Now that you know some tips to curating a great About page on your website, go revisit your site and make the changes to start talking more to your customer, and less about yourself.

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Adam Wright

Adam is a California native, now living in Middle Tennessee. A long-time creative at heart, his passion for design and growing his small business, AWD, is always evident. When he's not writing code or sketching logos, he enjoys spending time with family, playing basketball, or watching just about any motorsports. Find him on LinkedIn.

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