Why DIY Websites Are Not The Best Solution For Your Business

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by Adam Wright

I’m sure you’ve heard of WIX or Squarespace — right? These are well-known website builders, used by thousands of businesses. They’ve become a streamlined way to create a quick, easy and affordable online presence.

So, what’s wrong with that? Well, to be honest — a lot.

Let’s get into it.

The cons to using these sites

So you’re finally ready to get a website, but you don’t have the budget to hire a web designer. This, I can understand — when you’re first starting out, money can be tight. You just need a no-frills approach to getting online.

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For many, this is fine — but if you’re really looking to utilize your website to actually bring you customers, it’s not a solution you should even be considering.

Here’s why.

1. They have rules

When you use Squarespace, for example, you must abide by their terms and conditions. You actually have limits to what you can and cannot put on your website.

If you violate their terms, they have the right to remove your website.

Lost customers, lost business, lost revenue.

When you have a website, you want the ability to put anything and everything you want on it without the Squarespace overlords watching over you.

2. They just look pretty

It’s easy to get caught up in the template library of websites they can offer — ooooh, shiny objects! It’s appealing, looks professional, and seems perfect.

The problem?

They’re templates, simple as that.

That means, that Yoga Studio template you’re using, someone else could have the same exact one.

There is no differentiation in your business vs theirs. It’s tacky, not unique, and makes you feel unprofessional.

3. Not made for you

Every single business website has a set of goals. There’s a reason it should exist, and it should be built to achieve those goals.

For example, with the Hockey Lab website we just launched recently, their goals were: have an organized navigation/content, make it easy to register, and integrate with their sports management software.

You get NONE of these goals achieved when you use a template builder.

With a website designer/developer, they have the specific expertise to build your website catered towards your individual goals.

It’s hierarchy, copy, user experience, design, layout, and so much more that goes into the process of building a successful website.

Take your investment serious

Having a proper website can mean everything to your business.

We highly recommend you prepare and plan to invest in hiring a website designer (like AWD) to build you a website that will be a 24/7 sales tool for your business.

Just like going to a cheap tattoo artist (eek), you don’t want to skimp on your website.

If you have questions about how the process works and what the investment might look like for you, give us a call.

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Adam Wright

Adam is a California native, now living in Middle Tennessee. A long-time creative at heart, his passion for design and growing his small business, AWD, is always evident. When he's not writing code or sketching logos, he enjoys spending time with family, playing basketball, or watching just about any motorsports. Find him on LinkedIn.

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