3 Reasons Why We Use WordPress (and You Should too)

Many of you might be wondering, what is WordPress, and why should I use it?

Well, to put it simply, WordPress is a database platform, specifically called a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress used to be known as just a blogging platform, but it has evolved into much more.

You can utilize WordPress and all it’s functions to create beautiful, complex websites full of different features.

Below are the top three reasons why we use WordPress for all of our websites we create.

1. Flexible and user-friendly

As we mentioned, you can create a simple blog website, or even a complex e-commerce site all within WordPress.

Within the WordPress dashboard, where you do the creating of your website or blog, the ease of navigation and toolbars make it so just about anyone can use it.

Additionally, by utilizing WordPress, you can assure that your website will look good (and the same) across all internet browsers (Internet Explorer/Safari/Chrome/etc.).

2. Expansive library of plugins and themes

Much like the App Store with Mac devices, one of WordPress’ most powerful assets is the never ending availability of plugins and themes.

Whether you need to create a pop-up for an advertisement, or link your newsletter platform to a subscription form, there’s a plugin for it.

On the bigger scale, if you are designing a website catered towards Photographers, or even a Zoo, there’s a WordPress theme out there made for it.

Although we like to stick to one theme, which allows for customization for us to modify based on our client, knowing there are so many resources out there is very helpful.

3. Safe and secure

A big problem you always have to be aware of with owning a website is potential hackers. Nowadays, these hackers can crack just about any code and corrupt your site.

With WordPress, as long as you keep your database, plugins, and themes up to date, and use a strong password for logging in, it makes it very difficult for any hacker to get in.

Although there is always the possibility of having an intruder, WordPress is built to keep your website safe.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s switch your website over to WordPress! We guarantee you will love it, so contact us to get started!